Soldiers and Pirates and Cowboys, oh my!

Being Crazy by Branwell (660K)
Summary: Scully receives a plea for help from her brother Bill. She and Mulder must carry out an unauthorized investigation of a crime to save Bill's family. At the same time a memoir falls into Mulder's hands that Scully's sister Melissa believed to be an account of a Scully family member's past life.

Being Mulder by RaEnright (40K)
Summary: A series of short vignettes detailing the past lives of Fox Mulder.

The Blackthorn Tree I: Believe Me by Maureen O'Brien (27K)
Summary: Being Irish means you don't need reincarnation to explain TFWID.

Boats Against the Current by Nicole Perry (16K)
Night is Another Thing (24K)
Summary: In 1923 there were many opportunities for a bright young man with goals and ideals in Washington, many chances to seize nobility in one hand and make it one's own.

The Cabin Boy by DiAnn (534K) [SLASH]
Summary: Handsome but possessive pirate captains, lost treasure, and pretty, hazel-eyed cabin boys. Something for everyone!

Cave Paintings by Jenna Tooms (3K)
Chiasmus (31K)
Summary: Part of the History of Us series that includes Katherine of Ireland.

The Confession of Sirius by Bast Black (179K) [WIP]
Summary: What if you awoke one day to find yourself in another place and in another time, yet where everything seemed strangely familiar? Would you believe someone was playing a trick on you, or would you believe dreams are the answers to questions unasked? Well, if your name happens to be Fox Mulder you would. And Truth is on his side.

Destiny Ignited by sitarra (55K)
Summary: "This is the story of a love that flourished in a time of hate... destiny ignited by an act of war."

Diamond Dick Mulder: An Accidental Round Robin by The Fandomonium Mostly-Over-the-Hill Gang (97K)
Summary: The men all thought his nickname was because of his fancy clothes and diamond stick pin. The women all knew better.
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A Familiar Heart by Mish (419K)
An Unchanged Soul (740K) [WIP]
Summary: Some hearts are fated to be together, no matter what the time or place.

Forgive Us Our Trespasses by Taffy Northwood (923K)
Summary: In 1909 New York City, there were two distinct and separate worlds: that of the very wealthy and that of the very poor. Could love bridge the great divide between those worlds for two star-crossed lovers?

Gunslinger by DiAnn (27K) [SLASH]
Summary: In a time of cowboys and magic, a gunslinger comes to town.

The Haven by bcfan, Xandria, Lissy Ratz & b.fat (139K)
Summary: Setting: 1920s New York. Characters: Fox Mulder - shell-shocked WW I veteran. Dana Scully - ace reporter for the N.Y. Times. Alex Krycek - wealthy white Russian immigrant. Walter Skinner - Manhattan Police Captain. Charles Spender - head of bootleg operations, NYC.

Interrogation by Orithain & Nicole S (370K) [SLASH]
Summary: What if Mulder and Krycek lived in another time, another place? What if that time and place was WWII and both were on opposite sides of the war? "Interrogation" explores that possibility.

The Lady and the Pirate by Quetzel (78K)
Summary: The year is 1789, Samantha Mulder is being forced to marry Richard Matkins, son of Cancerman, She runs away with her pirate brother, Flash AKA Fox Mulder and her best friend, Dana Scully gets dragged along. They're on the run from James Matkins.

Life Times - Secrets All Around by Quetzel (205K)
Summary: The year is 1820 and Mulder is a spy for the British. His supervisors decide that it is time he took on a partner.... together he and Dana Scully make their way into the office of a French General and all Hell breaks lose!

Life Times II: Friend or Foe by Agent Quetzel (123K)
Summary: It is the mid 1940's and organized crime is booming. Fox Mulder is one of the many agents the FBI has sent into the field to bring these mob kings down. While spending a year undercover, he gets to know William Scully's daughter, Dana, very well. But there are things that Mulder does not know that could hurt him in the long run.

Long Trail Home by Nantglyn (597K)
Summary: A new life lay ahead for many who traveled the Oregon Trail. This is just one story.

Love's Savage Sea Spray - An X-Files Pirate Saga by Jacquie LaVa, Foxsong, & MaybeAmanda (156K) [WIP]
Summary: The dashing Lt. Fox Mulder saves the Lady Dana Scully from the lustful clutches of the pirate Captain Skinner, and other assorted seafarin' meanies in this loving tribute to the "Romance Novel."

Mary Church by Jemirah (102K)
Summary: And they all lived happily ever after.

Moment At the End of the World by Dianora (16K)
Summary: Lt. Mulder and Dana Scully meet at the brink of war.

A Moment in the Sun by prufrock's love (1.16MB)
Summary: Autumn, New York City, 1953. A baseball player past his prime and a beautiful woman with a secret.
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The Mountain Man by aka "Jake" (490K)
Summary: The year is 1865 and Dana Scully is headed west at the request of her father, who wants her to marry a lieutenant under his command -- a man she has never met. Her future seems set, until she encounters an alluring Montana mountain man. Will she bend to her father's will or surrender to her own passions?
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My Man by Ms. Peepers (10K)
Summary: 1920 Chicago. Scully's a singer married to an abusive Skinner. Her Daddy is the CSM and Mulder to the rescue.

A Notorious Affair by Nicole Perry (152K)
Summary: I'm a *huge* movie buff and have seen some of my favorites many, many times. "Notorious" is one of those movies

Paracelsus by prufrock's love (1MB)
Summary: Georgia low country, summer, 1865. A lost soldier, a bend in the road, a passing stranger, and a chance at a life he was never supposed to have.
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Pulped by Ursula (80K) [SLASH]
Summary: Shades of Sam Spade in a universe far away where a few gender roles are skewed differently.

Steel Justice by Michael Martins (52K)
Summary: Mulder and Scully are in the wild west as gun slingers being hunted by the consortium.

Three Crosses by TCS1121 (36K)
Summary: From the desert heat and from the heat of anger, two souls find their destiny.

Western by Mike (73K)
Summary: Mulder is the victim of a wide ranging conspiracy. Again. Just in a different time.

The Witch Hunter by Anette Gisby (39K)
Summary: They'd come for her in the night, Sir Alexander and his men, the moon glinting off their armour.

You and Me by Lolabeegood (253K)
Summary: In 1812, fifteen year old Katherine Scully and seventeen year old William Mulder find themselves in unlikely circumstances as the British attack American troops. The adventure begins with a proposal of a different kind.