Katherine of Ireland--a romance

The King is Dead. Long Live the Queen.

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Completed April 1999

A little introduction

This is an odd piece. I don't even know if I should call it fan fiction, except that without Mulder and Scully it never would have come into being. This was, of course, inspired by "The Field Where I Died," which despite its flaws has presented some interesting possibilities. My philosophy towards their past lives together is this: when they could love each other, they did.

This is, in essence, a romance. There are battles and betrayals and declarations of passion, though it skimps somewhat on international conspiracies. Basically I dressed Mulder and Scully in medieval clothing and watched what happened. You may see some characters you recognize, but they don't go by names you know. How accurate my portrayal of 8th-century England is, is open for debate (and I'll be the first to say I played fast and loose with facts and customs) but I hope the general "feel" of the past comes through.

Katherine of Ireland is the second in a proposed series called History of Us, dealing with Mulder and Scully's lives together. This is also the first story I've written where, when I realized I was finished and could type "The End", I cried because I'd miss these characters so much. Call me sentimental. (I won't argue.)