Kings and Queens and Peasants, oh my!

The Burning Times by Elizabeth Gerber (77K)
Summary: Two people meeting in a very different time. Perhaps Mulder's fear of fire and Scully's discomfort with the unknown go back much further than we've been told. Set in the British Isles in the fifteenth century.

Captive Fox series by Bluebonnet (812K)
Summary: In a land where women rule and men are chattel, young Fox Mulder is about to become Lady Dana Scully's most prized possession.
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Condemned to Repeat It by Branwell (509K)
Summary: Mulder and Scully have been assigned to a "routine" X-File by Skinner. They don't believe it will amount to much, but it proves to be more dangerous than expected. As the case progresses they're reading a manuscript that was found among Melissa Scully's things, at the request of Maggie Scully. Melissa believed it was an account of a past life of someone in the Scully family. It raises personal issues Mulder and Scully are not prepared to face.

Daughter of the Moon by Andrea (377K)
Summary: It is a time of great unrest and treachery, so when Edana finds an injured man in the forest while gathering herbs for her potions, she knows that taking him in involves great risk, but she can't resist her attraction to him.
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The Deflowering of Sister Scully by Shannon Kizzia (92K)
Summary: Think 'Dangerous Liaisons.' (With hints of 'Sound of Music' and one of my favorite films of all time, 'Quills.')

Ding Dong the Witch is Gone by X_fairy (18K)
Summary: In 1692, a 21-year-old Mulder is being married to an 18-year-old Scully, arranged by their fathers, who are rich businessmen, and on the wedding, Diana turns up and causes trouble.

Hiraeth by prufrock's love (968K)
Summary: Aber, North Wales, 1215. In a world of dangerous men, she was a dangerous woman to love.
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Katherine and William by Angel61400 (51K)
Summary: Once upon a time a King named Bill Scully and his wife, Margaret, lived in their kingdom with their two sons and four daughters. They loved all their children very much, but Bill Scully had a soft spot for his youngest daughter, Katherine.

Katherine of Ireland by Jenna Tooms (316K)
Summary: The Kind is dead. Long live the Queen.
Part of the History of Us series, which includes Cave Paintings and Chiasmus

Knight Time in the Realm by Diann (606K) [SLASH]
Summary: Kings and palaces and handsome soldiers for hire.

Life Times IV: Laches and Lysis by Agent Quetzel (302K)
Summary: Dana Scully is related to the King Pendrell by Marriage, and he wishes to pursue her, even though he is married himself. The Royal counselors, to keep the peace the royal family/court, banish Dana to Auguston. Here she meets a mysterious gardener who is much more than he seems. Now staying in a palace full of secrets, Dana and her new companion are tangled in a web of lies.

The Prince and the Pea - A Twisted Fairy Tale by Ursula (15K) [SLASH]
Summary: Once upon a time, there was a kingdom ruled by a fair, stalwart, and handsome king. He had everything good in life and was much beloved in the land. His one misfortune was that he had no one to share his throne.

The Prince Bridegroom: A Slashy Tale of True Love and High Adventure by Diana Williams (151K) [SEMI-SLASH]
SUMMARY: What happens when the most beautiful man in the world marries the handsomest prince in the world - and he turns out to be a son-of-a-bitch? A story of Fighting, Fencing, Revenge, Bad Men, Good Men, Some Swell Escapes and Captures, Death, Lies, Truth, Miracles, a Little Sex. And, of course, True Love.

The Princess Who Wouldn't Believe by Natalie Farr (7K)
Summary: It's a fairy tale.

Slave of My Heart by Diana Williams (638K) [SLASH]
Summary: This story takes place in an Alternate Universe where Ancient Greek philosophies dominate religion, making the practice of homosexuality more acceptable than under the influence of Judeo-Christian religions. In the Ancient Greek culture, it was not uncommon for a man to marry a woman to produce offspring and take younger male lovers outside the marriage bed for both mental and physical stimulation. As far as the political climate is concerned, this story takes place in a Medieval era, roughly equivalent to England in the late 12th century.

Waiting For a Star to Fall by Cherie710 (160K)
Summary: Fox Mulder is Prince William and Dana Scully is just a vegetable vendor. For the Prince and the seemingly penniless Dana Scully, is falling in love like waiting for a star to fall?
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When Knighthood Was in Flower by Sara B. (31K)
Summary: Sir Reynard is the son and heir to Lord William, head of Clan Kilgorn. Sir Colin, a mere lad, leads Clan Kerin's band of warriors. A treaty is struck and Sir Reynard is betrothed to Lady Colleen. There are Knights and Ladies and swords and so on.